WordPress to Reach the Market Share of 50% Very Soon

There are no disputes on the fact that WordPress is the most popular content management system at present. The platform has now reached a superstardom being used by millions since 11 years. While there are many other content management systems available, the usage statistics speak by itself about the popularity of WordPress. So if you have decided to go with WordPress, you are certainly in the right track. Today most popular sites like eBay, The New York Times, CNN and many others are running their blogs on WordPress.

WordPress adds more than 1,150,000 sites in the first half of 2015

  • Yes! The most popular open source CMS WordPress has added a whopping number of 1,150,000 sites and it seems like the platform is going to break the threshold of 50% market share very soon.
  • According to the recent statistics released by BuiltWith (website service and analytics company), WordPress has already reached the market share of 48% amongst the other CMSs.

WordPress to reach 50% market share

  • With such a huge popularity, WordPress is sure to hit the market share of 50% very shortly. When it comes to the version of WordPress the webmasters are using, the recent 4.2 and 4.1 dominates with around 5.8 million domains. The most captivating fact is that 1748 sites are still using the version 2.1 which was out back in 2007.
  • Also, the Ghost, an open source blogging platform built by former WordPress UI designers, has also added about 2184 domains. Though it features a small user base, many industry experts are looking at it as the next big thing after CMSs like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.
  • With respect to the site builders, the scuffle between Wix and Squarespace fumed up with Wix adding 154,000 new domains and Squarespace adding 154,000 new domains.

Mobile-friendly sites are seeing a substantial increase

  • BuiltWith also presented a summary on how the mobile market is being evolved in the first half of 2015. The summary mainly points on how 1,180,000 new domains added the support for Mobile Web Clips Icon and how the tiny images used to bind web apps to iPhone and iPad screens.
  • If the coders declare by adding rel="apple-touch-icon" on their page’s head tag, they can open the site on Apple’s touch devices by just tapping on the icon. This means that the developers are adding mobile support for their websites so that the users can navigate using mobile friendly interface.
  • As the mobile-friendly websites can also be implemented by non-scaleable content declarations and viewport Meta tags, they were also analysed by BuiltWith team. According to the analysis, 6,430,000 new domains were added with viewport Meta tags and 1,465,000 new domains were added with non-scaleable content.

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