WordPress Gets a Mac App along with Completely Redesigned Website

WordPress, being one of the most popular online publishing platforms is powering almost about 25% of the overall websites on the Internet. A new update on this platform is that it is getting a major redesign with completely rebuilt wordpress.com.

Also, a new Mac app for WordPress has been introduced. Over last year, we have been getting incremental improvements on WordPress and now it’s time for redesign and a Mac app.

Experts have been using the Mac app for a few days leading up to the launch and have seen lots of improvements. They actually enjoyed the experience offered by the platform.

However, people are enthusiastic about this new development of WordPress; but the experts say that the app feels like web app in the wrapper which is not at all a bad thing after seeing how the wordpress.com web app experience has been improved with the revamp.

How useful will be the new development?

  • Both the newly designed wordpress.com and Mac app can be used for publishing to the websites hosted by WordPress, the self-hosted blogs using WordPress and WordPress VIP customers. The rebuilt website and new Mac app have been open sourced and the company says that the redesign shifts WordPress from being primarily PHP-driven to primarily JS and API-driven.
  • The company also claims that the users will get a similar publishing experience that they would get on the web through wordpress website which is definitely a vast improvement if you are coming from using latest WordPress release on your self-hosted blog. The interface seems to be the cleaner version of what WordPress has been rolling out in recent times.  It provides access to all publishing and sharing features, a special reader mode for distraction free viewing, notifications, site stats and notifications. WordPress also notes that the users can also use the jetpack plugin using which they can sync their site to the Mac app.

While the users are hoping for a full-fledged Mac app rather than a mirror of the web app, we can say that it’s definitely the fastest and most streamlined experiences of WordPress. You will get the benefits of using the app without the browser which means the OS X features like full screen app mode and system notification badges on the app’s icon in the dock. But you may not find everything you are used to; some features like configuring and managing plugins are not accessible yet.

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