SEO Tools to Enhance Page and Search Ranking Declared by Trafficfeed

2 July 2013


Edinburgh: Trafficfeed declares the launch of their website and a special offer of free SEO tools for those who register. Trafficfeed has created a link exchange system which promotes best practices. Link exchanges can be done either automatically or manually.

Their SEO tools started as a creation for internal use, a better way to achieve quality link exchanges, something the new search algorithms appear to value highly. As puts it, in their efforts to build something for more competent SEO in-house, they reinvented the wheel. Then they asked themselves, why not offer their new tools to the world?

Any student of SEO tools gets hammered into his or her head the dictum that says backlinks with significance to a site's content and a high page ranking stand as a top factor in search ranking. According to, “When you exchange high quality links with sites that have relevancy to your website, the search engines will simply GO NUTS for your site and reward you with higher rankings. But here’s the real problem. Most link exchange companies or software systems are nearly ALL THE SAME. That is until is a system that makes easy, for its users, the ability to exchange links with millions of other users."

Those who list for a free account are entitled to use most of's SEO tools. According to, SEO tools obtainable through a free account are better to what other services are charging a lot of money for. These SEO tools will be free only for a limited time.

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