The Problems in Android 5.0 Lollipop Update and Ways to Fix Them

9 December 2014

Edinburgh: Google’s Nexus device owners are the fortunate ones to obtain any Android updates first and also the ones who are open to errors and bugs. Maintaining the customary update pattern, Google forced out the Android Lollipop update to its Nexus devices but owners are encountering major problems.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is possibly the major software upgrades that meant to alter the performance under the cover, including new features and revamping the design language of the user interface.

On the other hand, named after a confection, is leaving a sour aftertaste for a huge number of Nexus 5 users who are discontented with the revision. The software was acclaimed by Android users but it was not without troubles. The moment Google began seeding the Lollipop update to Nexus phones, users began grumbling about software bugs, connectivity problems, SMS issues, connectivity troubles and reduced battery backup on social networks and online forums.  The over-the-air revision created battery problems for various Nexus users, which needed them to change to charge their phones in no less than two times each day with average use.

Additional problems Nexus owners accounted after revising the software were connected to cellular data, Wi-Fi connectivity and key lags in phone operations. Various choices are given as a temporary fix to the problem but users remained for a bug fix.

We've summarized the frequent Lollipop issues so far, together with the fixes you can try to get your gadgets working smoothly again.

Wi-Fi Problems                                

After Lollipop upgrade some users have been accounting dropped internet connections, while other can’t get online by any means. Devices like the Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 appear to be having the maximum problems.

In terms of recommended fixes:

  • Getting your phone or tablet to disregard the network (long-press on the Wi-Fi network list) then reconnecting
  • The old faithful factory reset
  • You might also like to uninstall some of the older apps on your device, at least for the time being. If you're running an older app that hasn't been revised for some time, it could be causing interference.
  • Rebooting devices and the home router is one more troubleshooting fix you might want to try
  • Changing the Wi-Fi channel can also improve performance: It's under the advanced option on the Wi-Fi screen menu, or you can adjust the channel settings from your router.

Battery Problems

Battery problems seem to be even more common than Wi-Fi ones and it can be seen in different social media posts and forums, though once you have got the functioning correctly, even if you have got the whole thing working fine Android 5.0 must in theory give your device extended battery life.

The Factory reset has been known to assist some users and again there is trouble of older apps that have not been revised since Lollipop emerged on the scene. One among these might be conflicting with Lollipop’s new code and thereby causing the battery to drain needlessly, so you might try by removing few apps that have not been revised lately. You can always see which apps are consuming your device’s juice from the Battery page in Settings.

In case you have sufficient time on your hands, you can try with a trial and error approach. Switch settings like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off, uninstall particular apps,, and observe what changes.

Lagging and Crashing

If your phone or tablet is slow or crashing at casual times there can be a number of possible causes and solutions. It’s worth stating a factory reset again, to clear the cobwebs away and allow your device to begin once more from scratch. A simple power down and up can also be tried to do wonders!

If one app appears to be the cause of the matter then definitely the next step is to uninstall or check for an update. Check on the developer’s website to ensure if any bugs have been accounted by users or the development team. As with any OS update, it may be that certain apps are having troubles adapting the new Lollipop-powered way of life, and bringing the complete system down with them.

It’s observed that sometimes switching off some of the bells and whistles like Google Now, OK Google support etc can make the situation better. This will at least let you use your phone or tablet while you wait for a revision. If your device is totally unusable then going back to KitKat is a wise attempt.

Video playback

One of the more precise troubles to turn up in forums is a video playback issue with the Wi-Fi edition of the 2013 Nexus 7. There are complaints that Lollipop loses its bearings and is not able to get the video player software when they want to watch a clip. Clearing the cache of one of the affected apps has aided several people bring back functionality, and you can carry out this from the Apps page in Settings. 

Other users have found success by allowing or disallowing the NuPlayer from the Developer options page.

Besides, you can also rely on the factory reset option which will clean all temporary data from your device and may be sufficient to bring back video playback functionality. The trouble has been accounted so extensively that we would presume Google must be working on a fix, so you might just have to go somewhere else for your video playing needs up till then.

Those are the highlights we have covered in this article but there can be other issues too. If you are still having troubles then you can get in touch with Fortune Innovations Edinburgh and get to know about some of the other bug reports and fixes.

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