How Drupal 8 will take Open Source CMS to the Next Level

13 June 2014

Edinburgh: This time Drupal is making it bigger and better. In their latest version (not released yet) which is Drupal 8 one can have more than 200 new features and improvements. Expectations are high with this upcoming release of the world’s leading open source CMS platform. Drupal 8 has got lots of exposure before release and people from web development and design world are claiming that Drupal 8 will have something for everyone to love. So the big question here is: what are the features this release will have which can revolutionize the world of content management system? We tried to find the answer and here are some:

Responsive Design Support: With the increasing number of mobile users, responsive websites are the necessity today. There should be one website which can fit to all devices easily. The good news is with Drupal 8 you’ll have that. All the build in themes of this new release would be responsive in nature. And even admin pages will work great on smartphones and tablets. New toolbar added in this release which makes it mobile friendly from scratch. So with Drupal 8 you can develop a single website which one can easily access via desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Improved Markup with HTML5: Drupal 8 comes up with the features which support HTML 5. Now a web designer can markup Drupal based websites with HTML 5 and this CMS will provide maximum support.  The picture element will have great supports for responsive graphic display. In addition to this HTML 5 support it has fixed native tools on mobile that are used for fields including emails, date and phones.

Migration from Previous Version is Easier:  If you want to migrate from previous version (Drupal 6 or 7) website to Drupal 8 you can easily do so with this release. Previous versions of Drupal are not that supportive for migration. But now with new release 8 web developers can easily migrate from previous versions to newer one. This new version will come with a file based system associated with configuration system which makes it simple to change configuration. You can use version control for the configuration which is a great feature of this new release.

Multilingual Website Support: Drupal 8 is introducing expanded built-in language functionality which will make it easier to configure. So this newer version is much better for multilingual websites. Previously developers ought to translate the texts for multilingual websites, but now they can use inbuilt interface for this. This is going to be the new breeze for the developers.

Drupal 8 will have lots of other features and functionality which will revolutionize the CMS world for sure like:

  •   Built-in web services to make web application development easy
  •   Easy accessibility with added extensive support for standard accessibility technologies
  •   Effortless authoring with the new editor functionality
  •   Industry standard approach with more focus on object oriented programming 

Drupal 8 is going to be developer friendly CMS. Currently this version is in the Alpha testing phase. Drupal is constantly evolving that is why it becomes a trusted name now in the world of CMS. Web developers have lots of expectations with this new version but at the same time everyone is sure that they will deliver the best and Drupal 8 will take open source CMS to next level.  So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a new website to take your business to the next level. 

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