Google Enabling iOS Compatibility with Its Android Wear Devices

21 April 2015

Edinburgh: The latest news fluttering around is that, Google is working on making its Android Wear smart watch platform to work even with iOS applications and is almost close to finish all the technical details to be worked on. If Google clear its way towards this and if Apple agrees for it, Android Wear smart watches would be in a direct competition with yet to be released Apple Watch. At present, Android wear is working along with a companion app on iPhone and it is supporting a few basic functions like notifications. It also supports Google’s information cards, voice search and other actions.

Google is almost nearing to its final stages with this aspect of enabling compatibility between iOS and Android wear. Right from its launch, Android wear was exclusively for Android devices; but now Google has made its mind to spread it with other platforms as well because there are several people with other platforms. As the result, we can see its first step enabling Android wear to support iOS apps also.

Will Apple be joining hands with Google?      

One biggest argument is going on Android wear’s compatibility with iOS apps is that whether Apple allows Google to go ahead with its plans or not. Apple is at the edge of its toes to release its first ever smart watch and it would not want Google to compete with its own smart watches. Apple has the ability to block the Android wear companion app rather than just blocking Android wear devices. Earlier in 2010, Apple had also made a move to reject the apps that mentioned competing platforms.   

The information is tenebrous:

Though Google says that it has come very close to allow the compatibility with iOS, the information is quite tenebrous as nobody knows how Apple would react for this proposal. As per the news, Google is developing iOS connectivity with its latest Android wear and if it happens, it’s certain that Android wear device will be able to receive notifications from iOS. But if Apple rejects the proposal, we will be left to wonder that which other platform the Android wear will be compatible with.   

Android wear will be cheaper than Apple Watch:

Apple certainly will have to worry about this, as Android devices are going to be a bit cheaper when compared to Apple Watch, and the users always would want to have a good product with lower price. Apple users have been very happy with all the design choices offered by the company; but the price has always been higher when compared to Android devices. Now if the users get to use iOS apps in Android wear devices, people would hardly choose Apple Watch.

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