Excellent Apps for Monitoring the Performance of Android Devices

29 January 2015

Edinburgh: If you are an Android lover to an extent that you would want to know every small thing about the performance of your device, there are lot many apps which let you do it efficiently. So you can easily determine the troublesome Wi-Fi connections, abnormal CPU behaviour, power hungry applications and background processes which are eating up your memory and battery as well. 

Here are a few apps which lets you monitor the performance of your Android device: 

  1. Network monitor mini: Network monitor mini is an application that lets you keep track of your network uploading/downloading speeds. The app lets you keep an eye on the sites that are eating up your data in the real time. The information can be put up anywhere on your device’s screen. You can also set the required font style, colour, transparency and more for the information which will be displayed.
  2. System monitor: System monitor is an old application and has not been updated for quite some time now. Though the app is old, it assists you in monitoring the device’s performance easily. It allows you to set up some resizable widgets to display the usage of system resources in the real time. It also displays the current load of CPU and the battery. The app also features a usual array of task manager which makes you feel like you are sitting at the engineering panel of Android HQ.
  3. TinyCore: If your device’s screen is minimally crafted and you don’t want it to be filled with system monitoring widgets, then TinyCore is an ideal solution for you. The app is so minimal that you will not even notice it unless you actually look for it. TinyCore adds a tiny line above the clock in your device. The tiny line tells you about the current RAM and CPU usage. If you want to try out the pro version of the app, you can also add CPU frequencies to the display.
  4. Disk usage: If the lines, numbers and graphs are not your choice, Disk usage is a tailor-made app for you to determine the system performance. It gives you the information in the form of a chart which displays the memory being used by a particular file or a directory. It lets you know what is taking up more space in the memory, by displaying proportionally sized blocks on the screen. The app is great for those who want to identify the large files and clear up space.
  5. CPU Temperature: Knowing the normal range of your device also makes you know when the things are abnormal. It’s an application which tells you the exact temperature and clock speed of CPU. It also lets you know the battery temperature and the charge level with a bunch of cool graphs; so that you will be aware of the changes happening over time.

Using the above mentioned apps, you can seamlessly monitor the performance of your Android device to further boost up the performance

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