Drupal 8: Re-architecting for world domination

30 April 2013


Edinburgh: Drupal 8 will be the open-source project's "boldest release to date", according to Drupal's creator, Dries Buytaert. The new version of Drupal is due at the end of the year or "whenever it's ready" and includes significant behind-the-scenes changes, such as the incorporation of elements of the Symfony2 Web framework.


Drupal, as it continues to shift away from purely a content management system towards a unified Web platform that organisations can standardize on to build Web-based services, for both internal and customer-focused sites.


We're really ready to compete hard with the proprietary software vendors. These can range from delivering an organization’s key corporate websites to intranets, smaller-scale sites built for one-off events and other public and internal Web tools.


"Ten years ago, most organisations had one website or no websites," "But nowadays, most organisations have dozens of websites. We have some customers that have 800 Drupal sites, and then another one has thousands of Drupal sites. It's very common; even at a small company like Acquia we have probably 30 websites — intranet, our main website, some event websites that we do."


  • Drupal Association to focus on governance, D8 launch,
  • DrupalCon Sydney: Looking beyond content management
  • SBS prepares for Q1 Drupal CMS rollout


"There's a real desire in the market right now to simplify that and standardize on newer systems."


Enter Drupal. We see this as a real strength of the project: being able to use the same core platform to build multiple sites, sometimes wildly different in style and purpose, for an organization. A particular strength in this regard is the growth of distributions of Drupal: re-packaged versions of Drupal that 'out of the box' is designed to fulfill the needs of particular sectors.


For example, aGov, a distribution of Drupal produced by development shop PreviousNext is designed to offer a complete Web solution for Australian government departments and other organisations.


It ensures that sites will comply with the Web Guide produced by the Australian Government Information Management Office, which sets out a series of mandatory requirements for the websites of federal agencies, addressing issues such as accessibility.


Drupal Web Development


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