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26 July 2013

Edinburgh: Automatic, the company behind has given its Jetpack plugin a big update. Think of Jetpack as a bridge that brings functionality from the hosted service to self-hosted blogs. It adds in lots of the core features, such as social comments, stats, email subscriptions and more.

With Jetpack 2.0, the plugin gets lots of new functionality, including the skill to automate sharing posts to a range of social networks.

With Publicize, users can organize their self-hosted WordPress blogs to share posts with social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and Tumblr.

In my tests, the Publicize feature worked incredibly well. It allowed me to instantly syndicate a blog post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tumblr.

While this functionality has been obtainable via other plugins for years — Jetpack has an edge over some other plugins in that setup is very, very easy. That simplicity comes at the expense of customizability, so if you're the type of person who likes to syndicate content in a precise way or with a precise syntax or style, you might want to stick with more superior solutions.

Other New Features

Other new features include:

  • Photon — This is a service that handles image resizing and caching on's servers. This is particularly handy for users who have updated their websites for retina displays as it handles deciding what size image to serve to different devices.
  • Post by Email — WordPress has had the skill to post by email for years, however, the process of actually achieving this task was complex and untrustworthy. Jetpack now brings Post by Email to sites the same way it exists for blogs. Just email a secret address and the formatting will be taken care of.
  • Infinite Scroll — Users can now get rid of "next" and "back" pagination buttons and load new pages dynamically and infinitely instead. For this feature to work, your theme needs to support it.

The real jewel is the Publicize feature. Couple that with the ability to add share buttons to posts and pages and sites can be promptly configured to share socially almost out of the box.

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