Best 9 Accessories of iPhone 6 You Will Love to Use

13 October 2014

Edinburgh: iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus are iOS smartphones built by Apple Inc. These devices are newest of the iPhone series, and were announced on September 19, 2014. The iPhone 6 series together serves as a descendant to the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 series takes in a number of key changes over its precursor, together with a streamlined design, models with bigger 4.7 inch and 5.5-inch screens, a quicker processor, advanced cameras, better LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, and have support for a near-field communications-based mobile payments offering.

Pre-orders of the iPhone6 series went beyond 4 million within its first 24 hours of accessibility. Over 10 million iPhone 6 series devices were sold in the initial 3 days. If you are among the predicted 14 million plus lucky shoppers who coped up to purchase an iPhone6-series phone up to now, then you may feel like considering these cool accessories.

1. Easy charge

The users who travel the most already carry a Mophie, but a Nomadkey is another useful tool. The no-frills contraption clips to your keyring, gives you an Apple Lightning part at one end and USB at the other. You can charge your Apple devices all the time, so long as you can get a USB port to plug into. (From $25).

2. External storage

The i-FlashDriver EVO is a smart little flash drive for your iPhone. Furnished with Lightning connections and USB 3.0, the tiny device allows you to put in up to 128GB of storage to your iPhone or iPad – great for in-flight movies. You also have the flexibility to copy files between device and PC with no trouble and also without needing to sync.

The only problem is the price – from about $100, depending on capacity.

3. OtterBox Defender

If you are going to build up your iPhone with a case, you may also get one that counts. Otterbox Defender is that instance. Accessible in various colors, these cases bring best in screen and TouchID protection, have impact resistance and even ship with plugs intended to guard your iPhone’s parts from becoming obstructed with debris when you take a trip. (From $59.90).

4. More light!

The small flashgun gives 40 LED lights managed over Bluetooth from your iPhone employing an application. To aid you get improved images you make use of the app to manage the flash so as to facilitate creating Mild, Warm, Neutral and Bright flash intensities. ($59).

5. iPhone unlocking

In the upcoming days, people may substitute customary-controlled door locks with smartphone-controlled alternatives, like OkiDoKeys. These retrofit to obtainable door locks and allow you to unlock your door making use of your iPhone. The huge benefit of these systems is that you can build, distribute and remove door keys from anyplace at any time. (From $199).

6. Wearables

Those looking for clues about Apple’s next adventures in wearable tech must consider Ralph Lauren’s sensor-laden Polo Tech shirt. Small sensors woven in the garment collect biometric data: heartbeat, movement, stress levels, respiration and energy output, and then share this detail with your iPhone or other device. Similar to the Apple Watch, Polo Tech won’t ship until the next year, so you can attempt the Adidas MiCoach while you hang around.

7. iPhone socks

Sensoria’s smart socks feature an extremely classy motion sensor within a superior quality pair of cushioned socks. These supervise how you run – not just the amount of paces you take, but how you take those paces: how you hold your center of balance, where your feet land and the cadence. Adaptable with most smartphones, they will put in rich data to HealthKit. ($149)

8. Standby

The GripTight GorrilaPod Stand XL has to be one of the handiest iPhone tripods across – it allows you to set your smartphone to take pictures from just about anyplace. ($29.95).

9. Bicycles for the mind

Cyclists! Do you stumble for your iPhone’s Maps app when waiting at the lights on a wet day? Don’t fumble anymore with a BioLogic Bike Mount WeatherCase. Mount it to your bike, put your phone into the companion weatherproof case and make use of your iPhone without much stumbling. ($35).

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