Apple Allows Pebble’s Apps to Reach App Store

1 July 2015

Edinburgh: As the analysts always say, the smaller smart watch developers need not necessarily compete with the mammoths like Google and Apple to be successful. But in order to be relevant, they have to differentiate themselves with others and also prove what they are capable of doing and Pebble seems to have done that. The big names like Apple and Google have positioned their watches as the luxury fashion item while following the mainstream audience, but pebble has been less clear about whom the watch is designed for.

While this was the scenario, Apple took a bit more time to approve the latest smart watch apps from Pebble which was really essential for the launch of Pebble’s new timeline. Though the Pebble time units were shipped to the backers who pre-ordered the device on Kickstarter, the iPhone users were not able to connect the device to their smartphones without an app to support it. But within 48 hours after putting a call to action to the supporters, Pebble convinced Apple apparently to move its smart watch apps to the App store.

Problems of Pebble 

Pebble reunited its iOS using fans when it seemed like Apple was sitting on its smart watch management apps. Without the approval from Apple, the apps will not be able to reach the App store which means that the Pebble’s new smart watch would be all but useless without Apple’s support.

In order to come out of it, pebble went as far as asking the iPhone users to borrow an Android phone and set up their pebble with basic apps and watch faces that didn’t rely up on a smartphone connection. Now the issue has been cleared up and the Pebble did not forget to show its gratitude towards Apple for taking care of Pebble owning iPhone users. But neither Apple nor the Pebble responded to the inquiries regarding the reasons for delay.

Delay is not for the first time

Yes, this is not the first time that the Apple taking up an issue with Pebble and its developer community. The app developers from pebble reported the incidents of delays in App store approval in April and May. Pebble characterized these episodes as misunderstandings. However the recent delay that hit Pebble’s app raises a few questions.

Will Pebble have to reunite its community to annoy Apple every time it updates the apps? Or if the fault is within Pebble like some technical flaws, who’s there to assure that the delay like this will not happen yet again? But it seems to be strange that the Apple and Pebble would not come out and give clarifications about the delays.  So until these companies open up to give a valid reason for the snags and assure that it will not happen again, future of the Pebble owning iPhone users will be uncertain.

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