8 Best Apps to Boost up Android's Performance

18 November 2014

Edinburgh: Android operating system offers a variety of applications which can be used in your personal and professional life. But, if you add a bunch of apps and keep using it for a while, Android may get hanged up, become erratic, run slower or discharge battery very quickly.

Fortunately, there are few ways by which you can improve the performance of your Android system, which subsequently affects your smartphone’s components in a positive way.

Below mentioned are some apps using which you can boost up your Android’s performance:

  1. Clean master: Clean Master is one of the best utility tools that help you amend the performance and conserve battery life of your Android device. It frees up RAM space by clearing all junk files, residual files, browsing history, cache and history of all the apps on your device. The app has a functional interface which lets you literally view the file deletion process.
  2. Android Booster: Android Booster is a top rated optimization tool that lets you hone your device in a best possible way by killing the running processes, reclaiming memory, saving battery and uninstalling the unwanted apps. It also has task managers that lets you get into the system manually and choose items to delete.
  3. 1Tap Cleaner: 1Tap Cleaner lets you remove the software cache, browser historyand debris quickly which consequently increases the performance of your Android device. The application comes with a user-friendly interface and four software sections (Clean programs, clear cache, delete call log and SMS-messages, clean stories) which make your job easy.
  4. Android Assistant: Android Assistant is one of the comprehensive management tools that help you efficiently improve your device’s performance. With this, you can see the memory usage, CPU usage, battery usage and active processes. It also lets you clear cache from the data of various programs, turn on / off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and uninstall unwanted applications.
  5. DU Speed Booster: The basic idea used by DU Speed Booster is, clearing up the storage space which frees up some memory and increase the device’s speed. Initially it was just launched as a basic speed booster. But after its success, few more stunning features were added to equalize the overall experience of using an Android device.
  6. SD Maid: SD Maid is a best tool for storage maintenance. It’s designed to free up space on the SD Card or internal storage by scanning for the widowed files and folders left by uninstalled apps. SD Maid is an ideal app for periodic system maintenance and also a great way to clear up some drive space.
  7. CCleaner: CCleaner is one of the multipurpose cleaning tools that help you boost up your device by clearing download folders, application cache, browser history, and other temporary files. It also cleans up your call / SMS log selectively or in a bulk.
  8. CPU Tuner: CPU Tuner lets you audit and tweak your CPU's performance by customizing the settings of your CPU. The app allows you to set trigger-based performance profiles which ensure that your CPU exactly performs the way you want.

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