5 SEO Resources to Accredit Your Local SEO Strategy for 2014

4 July 2014

Edinburgh: You have seen the necessity to have a website. You have spent the money to build it, and now you have all of your products and information online, set for the world to see. The hits must begin rolling in, but so far, nothing. What’s wrong?

It’s not just adequate to have a website any longer. You must be found too. And the best way to be found is to be indexed by the key search engines (Yahoo!, Ask.com, Google etc). And there are several steps you can take to assure that:

  • Your site gets indexed, and
  • You are found for relevant keywords and key phrases that people search for.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

SEO is a way to optimize the pages on your site in order to make you visible. You can research the words and phrases people look for, and leverage that understanding to revise your website so that you can be found.

Whether your business is in healthcare, professional services, retail, or consulting, there are many competitive search markets for numerous professions and industries. To ignite your local SEO policy and turn your business into an online authority figure, it’s vital that you employ the right SEO resources.

Local SEO Resources for On-Page Optimization


Possibly one of the most frequently discussed resources for all forms of SEO is Schema. Go to Schema.org and take in all that you can apply to your website.

Schema markup allows you to communicate about your website in a better way to search engines. As Google crawlers can only understand the content of your website to a partial extent, Schema provides definitive markup that notifies Google crawlers exactly what a piece of content is about.

Though it’s a bit code-heavy for the common marketer or business owner, Schema.org clarifies how it works in quite simple terms. Get together your webmaster or search marketing team and hold a schema learning session. It will certainly empower your business’s local rankings.


Whether for content marketing or copywriting, Copyblogger.com gives a wealth of resources for on-page SEO. Delivering content and blogging is becoming more and more important for SEO. Content marketing is also the energy that fires a strong social media drive.

Besides, Copyblogger’s posts and article on subject matter around content marketing and blogging also make sure to inspect their SEO Copywriting eBook. In this eBook, you can find out the top practices of SEO copywriting and optimizing your website.

Local SEO Resources for Off-Page Optimization


Most of the local SEO experts will admit that getting a business listed on the foremost local directories is very imperative. A great resource to get new local directory listings for your business is GetListed.org. It is powered by Moz.com and is a valued resource for common marketers and SEO fans similarly. Just plug-in your business and find out a broad spectrum of chances for local SEO.

Update: Moz.com has replaced GetListed.org with Moz Local in March 2014. So if you visit GetListed.org, you’re now redirected to Moz Local (moz.com/local).


Alike GetListed.org, Yext.com gives a free tool that will explain you about your business’s existence on local directories. Possibly most priceless aspect about the Yext’s free tool is that it depicts you how your company’s information emerges on each directory. Because the accurateness of your business listings is vital for local SEO, these insights are priceless.

You can also choose the paid version of Yext, which makes your SEO attempts even more proficient. Because Yext has connections with most local directories, you can include a listing to on all of the directories in the whole network with one simple leap. It’s an influential tool and it’s something that we employ fir local SEO services.


Obtaining links is amazingly important to put the icing on your SEO cake. Though directories offer a link, most of them are “No Follow” links and therefore do not pass much link juice for SEO. One of the finest ways to produce link building opportunities is to develop relations with other webmasters and site/blog owners.

Search MyBlogGuest.com for applicable blogs and sites that you feel you could add a blog post to. In nearly all guest blogging relationships, the owner will enable you to add a link or two back to your websites. The trick is original and sympathetic. That is, what kind of post would be related to your link, but still it should be important to the blog and its host.

The Bottom Line

Your local SEO tactic must also be very flexible. Google and other search engines are continually changing how they position websites and show local search listings. Social media is a big deal that will aid glue your SEO and content marketing efforts jointly.

Invest some time creating an active presence on Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. You may also need to consider Pinterest and Twitter if it’s applicable. Your social attempts might appear a bit pointless at first, but an active presence unaided will assist your SEO. If you are looking for SEO Services in Edinburgh or nearby areas please contact us today. We are looking forward to assist you.

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