5 Main Aspects to Be Considered While Building a Consumer App

20 May 2015

Edinburgh: Business apps must always offer consumers with something which they find useful enough to download it.  It just means that the apps should do more than simply providing one-time-use that could be easily accessed on a website. By analysing the usefulness of the app and planning it in a right way using the right resources, you will certainly be able to get more number of downloads for your app.

If you are thinking to move into the app territory, here are a few key aspects to be considered while building a consumer app:

  1. Make the app more useful: Apps are said to be the best when they are really useful for customers. Considering an app for the restaurant, giving information about the menu and the operating hours are just the basic things for which the customers don’t have to download the app. They can just visit the website of that particular restaurant to know it. The apps must allow customers to place their orders and also to add their names to the waiting list. Few apps also allow customers to make direct payments using their smartphones.    
  2. Build it well: To have more number of downloads and to get more customer attention, the app has to be built well. There are several ‘do-it-yourself’ tools which help in building a basic app. But, to make your app more functional, you may have to go with a custom-built app. You can give a try with the list of DIY app tools, some of which offer integration and complex building options.
  3. Test thoroughly: Having a bug filled app is far worse than not having the app. You need to conduct user experience testing at each phase of the development process to make sure that the app is working fine. Try to bring in the objective testers before the day of launch, because a new pair of eyes can easily catch the problems.
  4. Optimize your description: Think of the terms that the customer might use while searching for your business. Try to give an easily searchable description. Make sure that the search term is incorporated into the app description when you upload it to the app store.
  5. Prepare a marketing strategy: You don’t have to wait till the day of launch to start marketing. Once it is made available on app stores, get suggestions from your most loyal customers, family members and friends. If you think that your app has a widespread appeal, try reaching out to the bloggers who can cover your app in their blogs and posts.

App is definitely a great way to increase the brand awareness. If it is done correctly, a business of any size can get benefited from a mobile app.

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