Jetpack: WordPress Plugin That Offers Robust Features

Earlier, WordPress blogs had lots of nifty features that were available only for the self-hosted sites through a complicated system of levers and pulleys. In order to trick out the self-hosted sites to avail all the features of WordPress, you had to install and maintain dozens and dozens of individual plugins.

But Jetpack is a single plugin that offers you the most powerful WordPress features by clipping your self-hosted WordPress site to’s infrastructure. It allows you to glean all the advantages like easy social sharing, robust stats and a lot more.     

Below mentioned are a few robust features of Jetpack:

  1. Customization: Using Jetpack’s spam-free contact forms, custom CSS, infinite scroll, sidebar widgets and tiled galleries, you can customize your WordPress site the way you want it to be.
  2. Mobile Theme: It offers highly customizable, lightweight and responsive themes designed for tablets and phones.  
  3. Content Tools: It lets you create and publish rich contents with Shortcode Embeds, Post by email, Markdown, Spelling, Beautiful Mats and VideoPress.   
  4. Visitor Engagement: It increases your website traffic and keeps the visitors coming back with Spam-free comments, Enhanced Distribution, Shortlinks, Notifications, Likes, Publicize, Social Sharing and Site Verification Tools.       
  5. Site Performance: It speeds up the delivery of images with its Photon CDN.
  6. Security: Jetpack’s Akismet anti-spam and Single Sign On keeps your WordPress site up, safe and secure. 

How can Jetpack help you?

  • Using JetPack, you can install over two dozens of popular plugins with just a click (and also update them).
  • The plugin helps you in engaging millions of users while allowing them to interact with your site.
  • It boosts up the performance of your site by taking loads of features off the servers.
  • It also allows you to keep a count on the enhancements, regular updates and troubleshooting. 
  • It enables you incorporate the social sharing buttons as easily as in other plugins. You can just drag and drop the buttons from a list of most relevant social sites out there.
  • This is certainly a huge benefit; the plugin gives your WordPress install the power and helps you in avoiding embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes.

You can install Jetpack easily like any other plugins. Few hosting providers also offer auto-install for Jetpack. Once the Jetpack in installed, you will be prompted to connect it to as the Jetpack make use of the power of If you don’t have an account in, you can easily create it during the connection process.

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